Working the night shift..

Some nights I am awake.
Not as in - "oh I just can't get off tonight, but I'll read for half an hour and then drop off.." - as in awake from before breakfast time on one day to bedtime on day two.
I know I am not alone in this.
I know it's normal, for me, right now in my life; so I embrace it and see what I can get from it.

And tonight is an awake night.

It's almost 2am here.

The moon is a sliver of silver in the deepest blue sky - a new moon.
It's a little blowy outside, but snug in here.

My companions tonight are GD and MW (both asleep, as they should be) and dogger, who is curled up snugly beside my lap.

Although my brain is wide awake, it is important for my physical body to rest and repair from the day, so I try to 'do' very little.
I have my knitting - which I can manage easily in the semi-darkness, and which anyone who knows me will attest, I take everywhere with me - and my iPad for company.
The iPad has a Kindle alongside the Internet, and a couple of games I enjoy (Soduko being one, but I'm not a "Candy-Crusher") as well as a Pinterest app.

I usually have headphones handy so I can watch catch-up TV if the Wifi will take-it.

And my trusty cuppa.

When the sun rises - about 6.30 at the mo - I'll be at the back door breathing in the air of the new day, before making just enough noise in the kitchen that I get some human company to start tomorrow with.

Does anyone else have 'awake nights', and how do you manage the night shift? X


  1. I tend to have 2 or 3 nights when I'm awake and the 1 or 2 when I sleep through.
    I crochet or write stories sometimes I grab pencil paper and a calculator and try and rework our finances again.

  2. I've been having trouble sleeping for the past week. I thought it might be side effects from some medication, so stopped taking the pill I thought it was, but there isn't any change with my sleeping.
    As it isn't a habit of mine like it is for you and Hardup Hester I don't have a routine. Usually if I'm still awake by 3am I go downstairs, make a cup of tea and read a book for a couple of hours.
    I had one such night last night and feel very tired, but I will not be taking a nap before bedtime as I want to sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. I am often unable to sleep. I go to bed very tired and then as soon as the light goes off I am wide awake! I used to toss and turn and try to sleep but now I just get up and do some knitting or read.

  4. I have always had erratic sleep patterns, I'm a fan of the radio at night, I learn all manner of things!

  5. Ah...someone else who sleeps (or doesn't,as the case would be) like myself. I think mine is aggravated by menopause.I sleep about every other night.Pain from my arthritis contributes too. I refuse to drug myself into oblivion.Somehow we cope though. Thank goodness I no longer have to try to work.I hope you cope, too.

  6. Almost every night is a struggle but is now normal. Some nights I read and have a small glass of Baileys. Other nights hot milk with cinnamon. If its really bad, just one half of a two a night Nytol (blue packet), in effect a quarter of a dose - works wonders. Mind you I have just slept two nights late but well quite normally without anything!

  7. Currently zooming through your blog in full insomniac mode! I'll be knackered tmrw!


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