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Am I frugal? 
Just a chuffing tightwad?

When I started blogging in 2006 with the 'original' My Beautiful Life blog (that somehow mysteriously disappeared into the ether along with the years of writings and photos), I wrote about just that: my beautiful life.
I wrote about our day to day adventures in our big house, with the family all around, the garden and allotment and the myriad of pets, about recipes, about fun times.
We both worked full time.

Our life has changed just a bit since then!

These days it is just Man Wonderful and me living in a teeny place that we adore, with what everyone who knows us calls a 'minimalist lifestyle'. 
We still see the family and cook for ourselves every day, indulge in our hobbies obsessively, and have loads of fun too.

People outside our circle often ask us how we manage to live as we do, and more importantly why.
Countless people we have met say they wish they lived as simply as we do, but they have too much stuff.

Today I finally got around to the clothing audit - I'm waiting for the (hopefully very soon) time when I can post pictures on here. ((I've changed to using a laptop from an iPad, and just need a gentle walk-through of getting the pics off my phone..))

1-5 shoes
I currently have four pairs of shoes - soon to be five - a pair of sandals, a pair of trainers, a pair of high heels, and a pair of winter boots: I have purchased a 'posh' pair of everyday shoes that will shortly be added to the collection.
6-11 underwear
I wear either homemade socks(I have three pairs), black opaque tights ( I have 2 pairs) or nothing on my feet.
If I wear a dress or skirt I wear tights, if its a warm day I wear knickers (the only time I do, unless I'm going to the doctors!). I have three pairs of knickers.
I have three bras.
12-24 tops and bottoms
I have one pair of jeans, two pairs of leggings and two pairs of shorts, two oversized t-shirts, one for exercise/decorating/messy jobs and one smart long sleeved one.
Two long t-shirts double as summer dresses, but look equally good over leggings or jeans with  or without a cardigan (1).
25-33 dressing up and outerwear
I have three dresses, two scarves and a poncho .
I've got a maternity top I still wear (some 23 years later..), a thick winter coat and a thinner waterproof coat.
I recently bought a pair of pyjamas to add to the two nighties and one dressing gown I own.

And that's it!

Today I'm wearing black leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt. When I went out earlier I popped my trainers on.

This small wardrobe wasn't done deliberately as part of a 'fad' - it was done but choosing just the clothes I actually wear and getting rid of the rest: to either charity shop or the Bay of e.
When something needs replacing - such as the two oversized t-shirts I own, that are really starting to show signs of "please put us in the rag bag, you look like a tramp" - then I start looking around for replacements.
My base colour is Navy - so it's really easy to find things to blend with that.
My scarves are bright jade green (cotton) and deep purple and violet (velvet and silk).

I do wear jewellery - my wedding stuff and earrings.
I wear make-up most days and perfume everyday.

I also get my nails 'done' - although they are pretty short, I like to keep them painted and the gellish stuff they use keeps them looking good and staying strong.

I don't use the hairdresser, like, ever.
My hair is shoulder-length naturally curly and is a mixture of very dark brown (99%) and pure white (the 1% I am letting come through).
I only ever wash my hair in conditioner, not shampoo or soap, and very rarely brush it through.

So there is a little more about me!

While I've been typing, the quinoa for dinner tonight has steamed with grated garlic and veg stock and I'm going now to make a lentil and aubergine bolognaise.  Yum!

As always, if there's something I can chat about just leave me a message (that I don't have to publish) and I'll happily oblige!



  1. Hello from a first-time commenter. Your lifestyle sounds pretty perfect to me!

  2. Thank you for posting it's so interesting and kind of you to show a part of your life.


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