An Autumnal Dinner Party (that does not feature one single blackberry or courgette...)

This is a very easy to manage mid-week 'posh' dinner.

Buffalo Mozzarella served with seedless grapes and sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

Slow-cooked Gammon in honey and mustard
Roasted new potatoes
Steamed sprouts and carrots

Lemon cheesecake served with clotted cream

Now, I know what you might be thinking: "That is in NO WAY an easy to manage dinner!", and if you are, here is my how-to. (Cheat sheet!)


1. I want to spend time with these folk, not stressing in the kitchen, so dinner needs to be as easy as possible while being as 'wow' as possible because these are hard-working people who deserve it.

2. I'm not, and not trying to be, Nigella Lawson; just myself.

Shopping list:
. Buffalo mozzarella X 2
. Bunch of seedless grapes
. Sundried tomatoes in oil
. Lemon cheesecake
. Clotted cream
. Small bag fresh Brussels sprouts
. 3 carrots
. Small Gammon
. Bag new potatoes 

1. Pop Gammon in slow cooker with a little honey and mustard.  Leave to cook for 6 hours on high.
2. Slice sprouts and carrots into small pieces, and pop into steamer but don't put it on.
3. Wash and dry the new potatoes and put them in a roasting tray with a little oil and salt. Put this in the oven but don't turn it on.
4. Get the table ready and the crockery you are going to use.
5. An hour before you want to eat, put the oven on to roast the potatoes, and assemble the starter on plates.
6. 30 minutes before, take the Gammon out of the slow cooker and 'shred'; then cover with foil.  Put the steamer on for ten minutes.

Serve each course as you are ready, and enjoy this low-stress, very tasty meal!


  1. That all sounds really delicious! A great menu and not too stressful.


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