Our new addition!

We've been delightfully busy over the last few days, collecting and settling in this little bundle of loveliness....!

It's been over three years since our last rescue dog Max, died at the ripe old age of probably 13 (although both the rescue centre and the vet couldn't quite decide if he was 6 or 8 when we took him on, so he could have been 15).

It just didn't feel the right time for ages.
Then when it did feel the right time, other family things took precedence.

So finally, on Wednesday we collected this little muffin.

Those people who have pets will know that animals that live alongside us are far more than just that: and long time followers of this blog will be nodding as they read this because having a dog for me is more powerful than a whole bunch of Psychiatrists and prescription pads.

Until next time,

Tracey x


  1. Ooh he/she looks to be a beautiful dog! Dogs bring so much to our lives! You've actually saved 2 dogs by rescuing as a kennel space has been freed for another poor dog.

  2. Oh how lovely! I hope you all will be very happy together.

  3. Hallo Tracey, He looks gorgeous and has obviously settled in well. We've had five dogs altogether with the last three being rescue and we've enjoyed and loved every one. Our last dog passed away about 18 months ago, also aged 15 years and although my husband wants another I have resisted, mainly because I wanted a change. It may sound silly, but we've had the dogs straight after one another, one only lived to be five and we got two rescue dogs together. As I said we have loved every one of them and I miss them all, but I just wanted a bit of time where we didn't have the ties that come with having a pet. Call me selfish, I don't know, but although I miss our dogs I don't miss having a dog, there is a difference. Saying that though I am slowly coming around to having another. If we do it will be another rescue dog and male. Enjoy your new friend.

    Joan (Wales)

  4. Cute as can be, just like my Ben snuggled onto something soft and woolly.

  5. Gorgeous and a very lucky dog indeed to have found the perfect family to join.
    J x

  6. Just gorgeous Tracey. You are lucky to have found each other. X

  7. Hi Tracey! I have just found you again after what must be years!
    Will follow again now.
    You just have o have a dog in your life I reckon.

  8. I'm so pleased you got another dog, but I can't believe it's that long since you lost Max!

  9. Just gorgeous! If you've been reading my blog you will have 'met' the beautiful Freddie who belongs to Miss 22 and I loved every him so
    Much my heart might burst! We are totally regretting not getting one of his siblings. Am on the lookout now for next Summer....


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