On my needles...

Like many folk who read and comment, I've always got a craft project 'on the go'.

I've been making a beautiful knitted lace cardigan for some weeks now for a friend, I'm on the last piece now, but it's heavy going - not in the weight of the yarn, as that is alpaca and silk - but in the time it is taking to produce.  It's in a peacock blue and will look stunning when it's finished.

I have to move my hands into different positions to avoid arthritis aches, so I have other things going alongside this current mammoth task.

Today I'm completing a knitted dog in DK, and yesterday I did a couple of alterations using the sewing machine.

With an eye on the date, I have plans for some Christmas makes I need to complete too - and will shortly be posting my 'how to have a frugal Christmas' ideas if that would help anyone else?

Back now to the knitting!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are currently crafting!



  1. Very much looking forward to your frugal Christmas tips.

  2. On my needles are hats and mitts, I can only knit in the round, sewing stuff together doesn't work for me, look forward to your tips.

  3. I'm making a baby blanket for a pregnant colleague.

  4. I also look forward to your Christmas frugal tips. I've already advised close family that we're cutting back this year - looked back at me like I was mad!!

  5. Since the beginning of the year I have been soldiering on with a patchwork Christmas stocking for my grand-daughter. (There were some weeks when I couldn't be bothered.) I'm not a sewer (I don't have a machine, yet) but I dabble with patchwork. My stumbling block was the lining, but my sister-in-law has very kindly offered to do this for me. Two weeks ought to see it finished from my input. When that is done I am going to knit a Christmas jumper for the same grand-daughter for a school Christmas jumper day.
    I am also looking forward to your Christmas frugal tips.

    Joan (Wales)

  6. Funny all my projects have now been put on hold or dumped all together....to busy trying to sort my path out I guess.

  7. Looking forward to your frugal Christmas tips, it will be here before we know it.
    Pam in Texas

  8. I'm currently doing a felted and button piece of wall art for my mama at Christmas and a felt play mat based on octonauts :)

  9. Current needles are empty as I've just finished n handed over a newborn cardigan :-) and am in sewing mode now!


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