Snot City, Arizona

From a young age I knew I wanted to be a mum.  

My sister, who is 14 years older, had her first son when I was 9, then her other two kiddies when I was 11 and 14.  Although they lived 200+ miles away, we saw them every month and I adored being around my nephews and niece.  

I'm a very old-fashioned bird, and being with kids means board games, colouring in, swings at the park and home baking.

When I was in my early 20s I already knew that my dream was to be a housewife and parent.  Yes, I knew that society dictated I should work and have a career, but I wanted to have my family too.  

Once I had qualified as a teacher, I got pregnant with my daughter.  First husband wasn't very happy as he enjoyed the salary I was bringing in alongside his own: however I had never hidden my dreams from him.  Back then I saw myself as a mum of five.

When Gorgeous Daughter was a toddler, first husband decided he wanted to be called ex-husband and home was just GD and myself until we met Man Wonderful.

Sadly I couldn't have any more natural children; but Man Wonderful had two lovely chaps that I became step-mum to.  

Thank you for the history lesson you are saying, but why today's title?

Did you move to Snot City, Arizona?

No - because such a place doesn't exist...


As much as I loved being a mum, I adore being a Nannie (Grandmother).

And it takes me back to being parent of a wee one when they are poorly.

This week we had granddaughter for a day home from school finished off a snotty cold - not well enough for school, but a pyjama day and some homemade soup and back to school the next day poorly.

And today - where plans were a trip to the charity shop to deliver some boxes / the gym / paint a wall in the lounge / go to vote* - instead we have poorly grandson with: you guessed it - a snotty cold.

He has spent the day in his pyjamas, eating marmite toast on the sofa with his duvet, and a patchwork quilt making the sofa into a tent!

Possibly back to school tomorrow - not poorly enough for Calpol, but not well enough to go outside as it's too cold (12 degrees which is mild).

Snot City.

Take care,

Tracey xx

* we will, of course, vote later as the polls are open until 10pm.


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