Side effects

It's been a strange few weeks here in the wee house.

Man Wonderful (who is almost never ill) took to his bed again; the second time in four weeks, complaining of a 'shingles-type' sensation down the back of his neck and shoulder, and having a headache.  In the 20+ years we have been together, if he is ever poorly he goes to bed and sleeps. This is a man who doesn't take as much as a paracetamol.

In addition, I've been sweating/dripping hot that's been coming and going.  If I didn't know it was almost impossible, I would have thought I was suddenyl going through a micro-menopause!!  Despite the fact it was 10 degrees C yesterday and blowing a gale, I was sat by the open window trying to get some respite from my over-heated ness.

What was happening?

Then it dawned on us ...

It's six weeks since MW's second Covid injection, and two since mine... 

Could these be side effects?

I googled upon google and discovered that.. actually...

Yes, these are very possibly side effects from the second vaccination, and that the side effects show our bodies are working on building resistant to the virus.

Reliefs all round - even knowing that has made us feel a little better!

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Hope you're both feeling better soon, although it's good to think that our bodies are building resistance.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's true the second dose isn't as bad as the first because I was not well at all! Still, it's a small price to pay.


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