Painting the lounge

 On my plan this week was to paint the lounge.

Best laid plans and all that..

The colour I painted three years ago is the same - I just wanted to paint over the two areas that had developed cracks:  I scraped and filled them, they just needed painting over.  However, when I began to paint, the actual paint became dry very quickly ands was bobbly rather than smooth.

Man Wonderful said the paint had 'had it' and scraped off the metre-or-so I had covered.

A trip to the paint shop then ensued.

Luckily they still have the same shade, and the new tin is sat on the floor by the wall.  With a set of new paintbrushes.  

This week we have had poorly granddaughter for day, and today is day two of poorly grandson.

Plus Man Wonderful doesn't feel 100%

So the lounge painting (which I do, but with support) is moved to next week.

Chic Shadow:  what do you think of the colour?


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