Donating makes you feel lighter!

Do you use eBay or Friendface selling page to collect or pass on household items or clothes?  

I do.

I enjoy looking out for a casserole dish I might need or a couple of board games for the kids.  Sometimes I will browse through what is local or ending soon with amusement at the things on offer or the prices people would like for their old stuff.

I've had a large stacking box in our upstairs room for a couple of weeks and as I 'spring clean' I'm popping in items we just don't use/need:  don't get me wrong, we are not minimalists per se in this life, but I feel 'lighter' without too many items in the wee house.

This morning I  nabbed Man Wonderful, he loaded the car with this box (and another I hurriedly filled) and we drove to the local donating centre.

The donations were made to and welcomed by the manager and we drove home feeling lighter and happy that we could make a difference.

Some of what we gave away: 

. a brand new still-in-box two tier cake display stand I was keeping for a 'just in                 case' Wedding gift

. a recipe binder I've never used

. clothes ranging from size 10 to size 20, all clean and in good condition

. a new roll of wallpaper I had bought on offer and never got around to hanging

. a box of vintage cutlery I was given that I'm never going to use

. two vases I no longer need

. eight huge pickling jars I don't need, I have kept four that I will use

. a pair of large plastic salad tongs we were given when we moved in here.  I've     used them ?twice? and they are just too big for my hands

         (this list is like the Generation Game conveyor belt..!)

. two bags for life full of read-and-enjoyed paperback books that GD doesn't want       to sell

. a bag full of crafting items and Mollie Makes magazines

. ski clothing gifted from stepson that we won't be using

. shoes and handbags I just don't wear/use anymore

I have another plastic box sat in the upstairs room waiting for more items to go, but for the rest of today I'm going to snuggle with dog on the sofa and do some crochet in front of the TV.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I'v e been doing the same. I have found that Gumtree has been brilliant for getting rid of stuff while the charity shops weren't open.

  2. Our usual donating shop is so overwhemed they turn everyone away:(


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