One thing that I adore being is old-fashioned!

I was born to older parents (I'm the 9th baby), and my hubby Man Wonderful is 22years older than I am.

Because of these influences I know that I am older than my years - and I love being different in this digital day and age.

I sew, knit, crochet, alter clothes, read rather than watch tv and play the piano every day.  I like to go to bed when the sun goes down and get up soon after dawn.

Tea leaves rather than bags, growing as much veg as I can (not this year, sadly), and helping other people.

Today I am talking about a real part of our lives- how we barter.

What I mean by bartering is swapping things rather than paying for them.

I get free hairdressing in return for teaching the hairdressers' daughter to play piano.

We also get fish fresh from the fisherman's boat - pollock, sea bass, sole - as I teach their daughter to play music too!

I am getting beauty treatments, nails, massage, etc., in return for hand crocheted baby clothing, and home repairs/alterations in return for more tuition.

I am known locally as someone who alters clothing, and when I have a commission I prefer being 'paid' in this way, rather than money.

One lady who I am altering clothing for is paying us with plants for the garden, and another is paying with some food store shopping.

I think the pandemic has affected people by making them more aware of living life.

Bartering is an ancient system of exchanging what you have for something I have - or services (steady!) we can offer each other. It pre-dates tangible currency.

Do you barter?  What do you think of it as a system?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I don't have the same skills or talents as you but certainly within a group of friends we do a form of barter - I don't drive but I'm a good cook so the friend who drives gets invited to dinner or has a meal sent down to her every now and again.

    I've brought in scarves and accessories that I know my office mate will use and she'll pick up second hand books that she knows I will enjoy.

    A friend who is the same height and about the same build as me has shared clothes with me and I've done the same for her - I retired first so she got a lot of my office wear clothes. She knew retirement was on the horizon and was reluctant to spend money on new clothes but really needed a few new options so it worked out well.

    I do think the pandemic has made as all more aware of how we can help others and it has also been a lesson in accepting help.

  2. I don't barter, as such, but myself and a neighbour often give each other surplus books, plants, garden produce, magazines etc. We never keep a running score, but I would imagine that things are pretty much even. It's nice to get a surprise package left on the doorstep.


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