Coffee out.

 A few household tasks to do today.

An eBay sale to post, a box to take to the hospice charity shop, a Facebook selling page sale to deliver and a tin of paint to buy.

We are popping out at 'coffee time'; around 11am in our world.

I do like a cup of coffee - but, in actual fact what I drink is probably not coffee at all...

I drink decaffeinated coffee, with non-dairy milk and a non-sugar sugar!

It's all a lie! It's a fake!!

My little travel cup (my newest one - from GD as a mother's day pressie) is beside me as Man Wonderful drives us, and I wonder just how much cash I save by taking my own rather than going to a 'drive through' coffee outlet?

My decaf coffee is £3.00 a tin.

This is 100g.

A teaspoon is 5g so that's 20 cups of coffee.

Each teaspoonful is therefore 15p.

I use oat milk.

That costs £1.40 a carton. 

I use 30ml out of a litre carton.

The oat milk costs 4.24p

I use two sweeteners from a pot of 300. This costs 1p.

So my cup of take-away from home costs me 20.24p - let's be generous and round it up to 21p.

At Costa (short for cost-a-packet) drive through: a flat white coffee with soya and sweeteners is : £2.40

I don't want to denigrate anyone buying coffee out and about, nor deny anyone a job..

But today I paid out 10% of the takeaway coffee price by making my own.

Take care,



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