Overflowing with bounty..

 ..no, not the chocolate kind! (Mmm chocolate..)

Relatives moved house recently, and very kindly kept us their "not wanted anymore's" to look through: for us/family/friends, for selling online and for donating locally.

When we visited them, we had a lovely couple of days and came home with the back of our car stacked to the roof!

We have been able to add to the wardrobe of granddaughter, Gorgeous Daughter and a young neighbour, have been able to sell some almost new items on the bay of E and the book of Face selling page, and donated three huge stacking boxes of items to the local hospice shop.

Our relatives have more things for us to take away next time we visit - they work full time and just do not have the time to do what we do, and are very happy for others to benefit from their unwanted items.

I just love working with second hand things - often much better quality, they can have a fab story behind them, and in a small way it avoids waste.

One thing I nabbed for myself was a lovely spotty Cath Kidston bag. 

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. That is a bag to bring a smile to anyone's face!


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