Christmas Shopping on 14th May...

 Yes, I know!

Crazy lady...Ooh don't mention the 'C' word...Oh it's too soon!!

But I love Christmas and hate not having enough money - so I get things ready all year round!

I collect together little gift-y things as the year moves around, and look out for larger gifts for important people.

And today I found, online, a gift perfect for someone special (who reads this blog, so I can't go into too much detail). It is new, and is reduced from £54 to £18 including postage; which puts it in my budget for that person!

At home here I have two large cardboard boxes that I collect gifts into, and when the beginning of December arrives I will have bought everything I need to give to folks I wish to give to.

I know I've mentioned this next tip befroe, but in case you missed it:

Every time we go to the local shop, we buy a ssavings stamp.

They are £1 each.

The card you stick them onto has 48 spaces, and for each card you complete you get £50 back in December. 

This pays for eating and drinking and foody gifts over the festive season.

It is well worth thinking about a scheme like this - or setting yourself a challenge to put £1 in a pot each week/shopping trip.  

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I always intend to start preparing for Christmas early but somehow I never do. In December I remember all the things I wanted to make and do but no longer have time for and resolve to start in January for next Christmas, then January comes and I am all 'Christmassed ' out!
    Savings stamps are a great idea though and I am going to buy some next time I go shopping.


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