What a week...

 I haven't blogged for a week, here is the update:

Christmas Eve we spent with the kidlets, popping back every hour and a half to check on the two dogs.  In the evening they went out for a drive with little ones in their pyjamas, to see the Christmas lights on people's houses.

While they were out, we went into their house to put their gifts in the garage for mum and dad to put under their tree once the kids were asleep.

Then we came home and sat quietly for a while before opening our gifts to each other.

I gave Man Wonderful some books from his 'to read' list, some jeans and a lovely sweater from John Lewis.  

Man Wonderful lived up to his nickname as I opened scented candles, jeans, lovely face products and some Vivienne Westwood perfume.

He also bought me a couple of books - this was one of them:

I finished it today, and it is BRILLIANT!

If you get the chance, give it a go - funny with twists throughout, and I can't wait for the next one to be published!

Christmas Day we spent with the kiddies (big and small) -with trips back to check on the two dogs - and son-in-law cooked a superb roast lunch with a Salmon Wellington as the main event.  (LIDL - five stars from me).

Board games after lunch, then we came home as they went to see S-i-L's parents.

Man Wonderful and I went to walk the dogs then sat and enjoyed the rest of the day together.

Boxing Day was similarly spent, then things took a dramatic turn on the 27th..

New dog (been with us 5 weeks, rescued from Romania) suddenly 'turned' and bit granddaughter on her leg enough to require a trip to A&E.

This shocked us all. We contacted the charity straight away who were brilliant.

We can't risk the grandchildren. Granddaughter is 7 and understands new dog's background - he could have been harmed by children, he could always suddenly turn and attack,.. but Grandson is 6 and severely autistic.  He doesn't understand beyond it is a dog.   He was most at risk.

So today new dog went to live with a new lady - single and retired, no kids or grandkids, experienced with rescue dogs.  We took him along with all the things we had got for him that were 'his', and he now lives in a thatched cottage with flagstone floors and an AGA and an acre of safe garden.  He is in a better placement.

MW and I spent a couple of hours cleaning through the house - changing bedding, deep cleaning carpets and floors, etc.

And this afternoon the kids popped over.  Safe and calm.

What a week...

I'm hoping 2021 will be less dramatic..


  1. I'm very sorry that things didn't pan out with your dog. Hopefully he will quickly settle into his new home and feel safe and happy, while you can relax, knowing that you have done the right thing both for him and for your grandchildren. X

  2. omgoodness you must be heart broken poor Muttley

  3. I'm sorry to hear that it's not worked out with your rescue dog. I looked into the website that you kindly let me know about. I was a bit hesitant as although there's just hubby and myself at home, we have 4 visiting granddaughters ranging from newborn (due next month) to age 7 and it would have worried me not knowing about a dog's background. I'm pleased though that your dog has landed firmly on his feet by the sound of things.

  4. Aside from the one unfortunate incident it sounds as though you had a lovely time.
    I have had that particular book on hold at the library for a couple of months now and it will probably be another one or two before my number comes up! I am very much looking forward to it!

  5. Tracey you made the best decision for Mutley and your family. I speak as someone who a few years ago was in the same position. I have two rescue dogs, one local, one from Romania. It has taken two years for my Rommie to settle, deep seated fears are hard to managed as each dog is different.
    Thank you for even considering a rescue dog, many people write them off without good reason. I have been a dog owner for 36 years, my last 3 dogs all rescues. They ranged from a from 60kg mastiff to a 10kg mixed breed, all different all worth the effort they took, but only IF your circumstances are right. Your grandchildren are precious you made the right call, hopefully your granddaughter recovers and has no fear of dogs in the future x


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