So that was Christmas..

 The lights are sparkling, I have a wee sherry in front of me, there's a film on the telly and I've started planning for next Christmas.. 

No, seriously!

It's a major event for me - the event of the year. 

As soon as one is over, I start planning:

. Making tags from this year's cards

. Sorting through the cardboard box (see below)

. Writing what has gone well, what we had too much of, not enough of, etc.

. Ideas for gifts for other people.

This helps me plan money monthly so that we don't use essential pennies or go into any debt.

In fact, I can safely say that we started Christmas day with nothing over the budget at all - and a whole full Coop savings card ready to spend this week on essentials.

For those who haven't read this blog before, here is the "cardboard box" theory:

Every Christmas day since my daughter was born, I have put an empty box beside me on the floor when it's gift opening time. Into the box go any gifts we won't use/don't want.

My theory is that gift giving is like a tennis match. One person gives to the other, there are gifts exchanged - and as long as you say thank you; then the gift is yours to use as you wish. If you use it or re-gift it, or donate it to charity it is up to you.

So my cardboard box has bits and bobs from all gifters that we are grateful for but won't use that can be regifted.

We have begun our Coop stamp collection for next Christmas as we buy one stamp each time we visit the shop.  

And I have made a list of items that I can make throughout the year to be gifts.

Do you review Christmas and plan for the next one? What about re-gifting presents you received?

What will you do differently next year?

Take care,

Tracey x


  1. Wishing you a Happy New year. I do like to plan early and budget for those little extras at Christmas but rarely re gift. I am thankful that it is rare that I don't like the gift.

  2. I have regifted at times, but to be quite honest, it's been a long time since I received something that I really just don't like.

    1. Hi Debby - it sounds like I'm really fussy, but we don't request particular gifts here, just give and receive. We live in a tiny house with few items and anything excess is re-gifted - it makes for a tidy house!

  3. We almost never get unwanted gifts either now - a fair few years ago we switched to the list system within the family - everyone makes a list of things they would appreciate which can be items wanted, needed, or that you couldn’t justify buying for yourself - and the presents are mostly bought with reference to the lists. We love the fact that we can generally be pretty sure that the items will be appreciated! Very occasionally there is something from a friend that is a duplicate of something I have already, or that I simply won’t use - those are either charity shopped or regifted with no guilt!


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