How Big is Yours?!

 I'm up this morning, showered, finished the washing-up from dinner last night and am dressed ready for the gym.

We are now sat ready for breakfast in front of the telly and our daily dose of Frasier - but 'on the way' to Channel 4 there was an advertisement on ITV for a competition.  

No, don't worry I haven't won a competition - I win everyday as I don't waste my time or money entering competitions .. however ..

One of the prizes was a 55" TV.


That's almost as tall as I am!!!!

What do people need/want with TVs that big??

Walking out in the evening with the dogs, I must admit that I've seen a large number of big TVs in people's rooms when they have their Christmas lights on and curtains open. BIG TVs.

Our TV is 18" by 24" - I just measured it for this blogpost.

We have subtitles on and can see just fine. Also it was free, but I digress ..

So .. just how big is yours - and why? 

Do big TVs do something differently?

GD and her hubby have a big one - I don't know just how big, but I will find out and post on here as well as the reason why they have one that size.

Looking forward to learning from you..

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Mine is a 32" flatscreen Smart TV bought two years ago when my very old TV died. Actually, I went 6 months without one and only bought a new one when the baseball season started.
    I was urged by friends to buy a larger one - pointed out that I live in a small apt. and that my TV was only about 7 feet away from where I sit. I also had a set budget and I knew the make that I wanted. Got what I wanted at the price I was prepared to pay, so very happy with my choice. (A 32" is almost the smallest you can buy over here)

  2. Ours is 32", which is a nice size, fits neatly onto our TV unit and doesn't dominate the room. I'm not looking forward to the time we need to look for a replacement as one this size is hard to find, they're huge these days!

    We had a 60" donated to the charity shop last year, it was massive!

  3. i could mention the TVs have become the new phallic symbol for the housebound male ?


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