What a Surprise!!


Honestly, you will never guess what happened to us today.

We had decided to go and spend a couple of our savings cards on some Christmassy bits of food, some household items, and a few things for the kids' hampers.

With our calculator we began the one-way route around the store and were in the second aisle when we were stopped by the Manager and his deputy, who said they had something for us.


Apparently the staff had chosen us for their annual award! Mr and Mrs Saving Stamps.

They had to choose who should receive a lovely bag full of yummy Coop products - they had chosen us!!

The staff said we were always polite, kind and lovely to them!

We were absolutely blown away..! We had a photo taken for their staff magazine!

I said could I take it to the local care home and the manager said no -- they had two hampers ready to go there, and that this was for us to enjoy.

How lovely was that?!

I hope you guys have something positive and unexpected that brightens your day.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. awww that is so wonderful xx good things happen to good people xx

  2. Well, now, wasn't that a nice thing for them to do for you? Congratulations and enjoy it all! Merry Christmas!

  3. Awwww well deserved Tracey♥ Lovely post xx

  4. Well done to you and the Co op. The 'troubles' of 2020 have brought out the best (and worst) of people.

  5. Absolutely fantastic and richly deserved, I am absolutely sure.
    Well done.

  6. How lovely! Congratulations, you must be lovely customers.

  7. What a lovely surprise - enjoy everything and have a very Happy Christmas.

  8. What a lovely surprise! Enjoy the treats. X


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