Good for the heart.

 I'm writing this from GD's House.  She needed to pop into the town and then collect her shopping from the supermarket; so Man Wonderful is Grandad and I'm Nannie for a few hours. 

It is blissful!

I finished my last piano lesson yesterday until the new year so am officially 'on holiday'. 

I used to miss the end of term-ness of the Secondary school, my staff and the pupils: but the small number of pupils I have now more than make up for it.  Everyone who took a practical exam passed with high grades and my front room is full of homemade cards and I have some little gifts to open on Christmas day.

We have just cobbled together a lunch for us all - sandwiches for kids and jacket potato for us.

Reading Rachel radiostar's blog today made me think about Jacket spuds.

My favourite.ever filling is baked beans. No butter just beans, with a pile of salad.

I think that is my favourite meal, actually.

Baked beans have always, always been my favourite food from being a wee person to now as Nannie.

What is your favourite potato topping? 

Is it beans like me?

Take care,

Tracey xx

(And beans are good for your heart..

The more you eat, the more you fart!)


  1. It would be a choice between, beans with cheese or prawn mayo


  2. Congratulations on your students' success. A good teacher means a good student.
    (cheesy tuna and mayo)

  3. Beans here too. Though I quite like cottage cheese with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce!


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