A Brilliant Lockdown Birthday

Despite the weather turning colder and not being able to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant - I had a FAB birthday!

There were the six of us - me, MW, GD, Son-in-Law and two kiddies our wee bubble.

I decided that I'd like an afternoon tea, with scones, jam and cream and sandwiches cut into triangles!  I've never actually had an afternoon tea, but I've seen pictures of them and heard all about them.

We played a homemade pass-the-parcel and a game of charades. We also played a game of 'doing things without using your hands or arms' - stop it: there were children present!!

Man Wonderful bought me a beautiful long dressing gown - all black, swishy and satin - and a scented candle amongst other bit and bobs.  He is very romantic! 

Daughter bought me the.most.amazing gift - one of these:


Made by fellow blogger Rachel Radiostar, whose blog is here:  http://eternally28.blogspot.com/

(My regular readers will know that I don't endorse an item unless I fully approve it - and unless I don't benefit from the endorsement, and I just LOVE this little bag.)

If you have dogs or know someone who does - do take a look.  They look professionally made and are just beautiful!

Daughter bought me a velvetty-covered notebook (I love making lists!!) and a mug that says:

I knit so I don't unravel!!

Ah - she knows me so well!

As always, it's not about what you receive on a special day, it's about who you can be with or talk to, and I know I am truly blessed to be able to be with my loved ones.

Take care,

Tracey xx



  1. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday.

  2. Rachel's things are beautiful, aren't they?
    Belated Happy Birthday to you.

  3. Thrilled you had a good day. Belated Birthday wishes. I am a great fan of an afternoon tea.


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