The best book I have read in ages

 I have just finished this:

The most un-put-down-able book I have had in I can't remember when.

I don't want to ruin things by talking too much about the plot, but I honestly cried/held my breath/bit my lip/laughed out loud.

Very well done, Ms Dawn French.  

That followed on from this one:

Which was also a great read.  

A clever concept and also a pretty good read.

I have a rule of thumb with books:  read the first 30 pages.  If you don't feel anything, change the book. 

As a teacher for kids with learning difficulties, this was the best English lesson rule I had.  Many kids believe that they have to read through the whole book.  I taught one year nine lad who'd kept the same school library book in his bag since year seven but had only read the first ten or so pages. Over and over; and hated the bl**dy book.  When I 'released' him with my little gem of wisdom, he went on to read many books.

The next book on my bedside table is this one I got for my birthday:

I'll let you know how it goes.

Any book recommendations to share?

Take care,

Tracey x


  1. I was well into adulthood before I felt able to abandon reading books I didn't like and, as the mother of a young adult with autism and severe learning difficulties, I can really feel sympathy for that poor boy. Reading should be a joy, whatever your reading ability, not a hard slog. We seem to have found the key to unlocking that joy over these past difficult months, something that never happened during my son's school days. Fingers crossed that his enthusiasm continues!

  2. I have always loved reading. I have ever left only one book unread after I opened it. I hated every word on those 20 pages I managed to read. Jack London is not my type of writer. And I have read all kinds of rubbish, but that's the only book I've ever left unread. ( but of course for me it is easy, because I'm fast reader, it's not much time wasted on rubbish book, if it takes two-three hours instead of something like the whole weekend)
    So it is hard for me to understand people who don't read, or read only some specific genre. But it's not my job to understand, it's their loss, not mine. To each of it's on. Unless it's Jack London.


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