Meal Planning for Weight Loss

 Oooh.  A tender subject.

(If you could be offended by this subject, kindly scroll on.)

Wanting to shift a few pounds.

I am a middle-aged lady with the desire to shrink some middle-aged-middle spread!

My regular readers will know that being really organised makes me really content: so when I want to drop some weight, organisation is the key for me!

Man Wonderful and I eat really healthily throughout the year: there are things I never buy or make. 

We used to (when we were both working full-time and had a youngster at home) have takeaway food from time-to-time; we used to eat out; we used to have dinner parties.

Now it's just us two in a wee house, and I cook everything from scratch (sorry - or Man Wonderful does) and it's healthy fare.  


The plan I'm going to use is the 800 plan by Dr Michael Mosley.  Used it before, works well. I don't feel deprived. There's lots of research and online support.

I don't join a diet club or group.  Despite blogging, it's a personal matter.

OK.  So here is our meal plan for this week, with my shopping list (thought I'd pop that in too).  Please do look things up, or ask me any questions - public or private (just type private on a message and I'll not publish it).


Smashed Avocado on Friend Halloumi with tomatoes and egg


Teriyaki Tofu stir-fry


as Monday


French Bean Bowl


as Tuesday


Salmon, ginger and veg


as Saturday

Man Wonderful eats three meals a day - an oat-based breakfast and a protein-based supper as well.   I eat two meals a day, and have a protein-based supper.  We eat our main meal at lunchtime.

I will post our weekly plan as usual for the next few weeks while I'm weight-reducing.

Here's my weekly shopping list for the two of us:

. red peppers

. cauliflower

. frozen spinach

. white cabbage

. avocados

. firm tofu

. cashew nuts

. feta

. halloumi

. salmon 

. pine nuts

. french beans

. eggs

. tomatoes

. lettuce

I already have:  olive oil, spices, onions, root ginger, soy sauce, garlic cloves, cider vinegar.

Our protein supper will feature scrambled egg or tuna or cheese.

What do you eat when you want to shed a few pounds?



  1. Im diabetic and use intermitent fasting, I'm also vegetarian eating no fish or meat. I eat alot of frittata (no potatoes) stirfries with tofu and polish 100% rye bread with cheese and salad. My treat are little oat balls i make with maple syrup and cocoa as i can ration them if the rest of the family dont scoff them all.


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