Meal Planner - this week

We don't have visitors this week, but we have a busy few days so - as always - I have pre-planned our meals.  The difference this week is that we are having a smaller portion of our main meal the next day for supper.  (Once the meal is cooked, I dish up two main meals and two smaller ones.)

I cook everything from scratch, and I'm happy to provide a recipe if there's anything you'd like.

There are our meals this week:


Roasted salmon fillets with roasted and steamed veg

Salmon is all we needed to buy additionally this week - everything else was either in the food cupboard or veg from the veg box.  I used up all the veg leftover from last week's veg box.


Vegetable curry.

We eat a lot of veg.  This curry featured red cabbage, a huge spanish onion, garlic and some new potatoes.


Butternut squash risotto with goat's cheese 

This sounds posh, but really isn't! Butternut squash cut into really small cubes, rice cooking in stock cube and water, small Goats Cheese in tiny slices put on the top once it's cooked.


Quinoa and Chickpea salad 

I have a huge packet of Quinoa that needs using. I've had it sat in my cupboard for quite sometime and it's being used up this week.



Our favourite summer recipe, uses  whatever we have in mind and feeds us for three meals.


Quinoa and mushroom bowl

Man Wonderful will do anything for a mushroom! Just as well, as this is a new recipe and until we've had it I don't know what it'll be like!


Galette with cheese and tomato

Just a simple savoury pancake with cheese and tomato as a filling.



  1. Most of that sounds delicious, but I'd replace Quinoa with Freekeh, we prefer it. Also, I detest chickpeas, unless they've been roasted with salt, pepper, garlic and smoked paprika! I wish I liked them, and I will at times make myself eat them, but I'm really not a fan!
    Col X

    1. Ooh! I've never tried freekeh - it sounds interesting though. And your chickpea recipe sounds like a lovely idea! Xx


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