Easy Cash!

 Oh I do like summertime. It's not my favourite season - no, I like the changes of Autumn and incredible sensibility of creation - birds who migrate, plants that die down for Winter.

But Summer is lovely.

People rediscover their gardens. They rediscover walks and parks. They can sit outdoors, talk to neighbours over fences. It's a friendly season.

It can also be a expensive season. Yes, I agree that Winter is probably the most expensive - heating, gifts, extra clothing - so I think Summer is next on the list.

Light clothes and shoes, cool drinks, outdoor eating.  We might save on fuel for the house and then spend on fuel for the BBQ or car to go out foe the day.  

And that's another hole-in-the-pocket: a trip out.  Yes, we might have packed lunches, flasks, cool drinks in a cool box, towels, swim things, deckchairs....thinking it'll be a really frugal day out - then the grandchildren see the ice cream truck, or mini golf, or, or... we can't take those things with us!!

So today we made some cash.

I sold a rough play outdoor tray that grandson doesn't use, and I sold books to two 'buying books' websites.  

I've learned to have the books in front of me ready to scan their barcodes, two empty boxes with the names of the websites pencilled on,  and to scan them into both websites: this allows me to delete them from the website that offers the least.  For example, a book I've read recently (came from the charity shop for 50p) was either worth £0.90p or £2.20. Guess which box that went into?!!

Ooh! And I sold a man's shirt on Vinted.

So, a quiet Sunday and some cash going into the bank.

And the next time we see the ice-cream truck, we will all be able to have a cornet.



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