Budget Planning

 I know, I know, I'm dull and boring. Budgeting is horrible. Life should be more fun: yadda, yadda.

But budgeting IS fun - well, I (and millions of other folk) think it's fun!

I personally like knowing what is planned for the month ahead - I can get anxious very quickly if I don't know ahead of time, and I find things like 'surprise' events just awful.

Consequently, setting aside the money for visiting the local Rugby match (£18), for getting ingredients to make a big meal for family (£35) or buying ice-creams on Tuesday evenings when the ice-cream van comes into our road (£3 for granddaughter).

And I LOVE days where we don't have to spend any additional pennies.

We plan our budget quite thoroughly, and spend just what we have decided. If anything is less than we've planned, it goes back into the pot so that if anything costs more, there is more cash available.

I'm a pretty old-fashioned chick, and I miss the days of a purse full of cash and taking bills into the Bank to be paid. I don't know about you, but I found it much easier to manage my budget with physical money rather than digital money!

I keep our budget in a book, all is planned - including short term and long term savings.

Today we spent a beautiful day in and around the house.  We walked the dogs (new pup is 12 weeks and can walk for 15 minutes) and ate our lunch in the garden.

Do you budget plan?

Do you have any tips for anyone reading this?



  1. I'm the opposite, I find digital budgeting much easier than cash, I can fritter cash here and there, or not account for something (I once tracked all my spending for a year and I learned nothing, so it doesn't really help me) but I can't fritter card payments.

    I like a budget though as it reminds me to do things like post birthday cards, because I've budgeted for stamps and cards, or whatever. Anything I don't have to hold in my brain is a positive.


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