Making A New Dress

Recently I decided to 'stock check' my wardrobe. I had some items I just wasn't wearing and I wanted to posh-up a little; I guess it's reflecting me getting older? 

 I made myself a lovely wrapover dress last year, so I decided I would grab the pattern from my sewing cupboard and make myself another: slightly longer on the skirt.

I had spoken with Man Wonderful about the money I needed to spend on new fabric. He was quite happy about it.

So, upstairs I went to get my pattern - note: paper pieces carefully ironed and folded and slotted into envelope so pattern can be reused over again.

There was the pattern.

And - ooh, what was that tucked in behind the pattern? A paper bag full of something..?


Enough to make myself a new dress.



  1. What a wonderful surprise! Do post a photo when you've made the dress?

  2. What a lovely surprise! I like the fabric and look forward to seeing the finished article. I needed some new jeans, so popped into town with husband in tow. We went into TKMaxx, as the last couple of pairs I bought came from there and they lasted really well. He passed me a pair to look at and they looked really long. When I held them against me they stretched from my feet right up to my chin! Cue two middle-aged people collapsing into helpless giggles!

  3. That’s going to be GORGEOUS XX Rachel

  4. You have prompted me to dust off my machine and attempt this pattern. Have you adjusted it at all for pocket? I like a pocket lol

    1. I like a pocket too, but there's enough of me in this to look curvy without added extras! Hee hee!

    2. Thanks Tracey, I shall bare that in mind lol


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