Meal planning for the week ahead

 I don't know if when you are browsing a blog, that you look back over previous blogposts?  I do, as it is often really entertaining to do this.  I learn loads and loads from fellow bloggers!

I will also look back over my previous blogposts.  It is equally entertaining to read and remember wee bits of history!

I began a weight loss eating plan on Monday this week, it's day 6 today and I have found it pretty manageable.  One day I did feel queasy all day and stayed in bed, but I'm enjoying my energy levels being perky! 

I spent over our food budget for the week, and I'm planning to be over-budget for the next few weeks as I am aiming to follow it to the letter for 12 weeks.

We do live below the line, and it took planning and discussion before I began this programme: but I feel it is more important to reduce my weight and increase my fitness than keep under the budget; and Man Wonderful is fully in support.

So, the meals for this week.

Our main meals are at lunchtime, a small meal in the evening.


Garlic Mushrooms and Tomatoes


Teriyaki Tofu stir-fry


Cauliflower Kedgeree


Spring Green Frittata


Roasted Salmon and Vegetables


Baked eggs and peppers


Halloumi and veg

We are eating a bowl of salads with protein for the evening meals.



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