Use it, don't ditch it!


Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of society - people being selfish, ignorant, cruel.  I worry about what future generations will look back and think.  

I was born right at the end of the 60s and into a consumer society - over the decades it became more important for people to have the best/the latest rather than live with and be content.  Earning higher wages, spending more, throwing things out without a thought, driving bigger cars, using more and more.

Making more waste, pollution; living alongside the debt and poverty of others.

But there are things I feel very proud to be part of too - charity work, developments in education and medicine, easier access to help for those who need it.

And recycling - I'm very glad about reusing and recycling - which is not a new thing in our society.

I love the challenges to change things around.

I love planning, managing, giving to others and trying hard not to waste.

One very old way recycling has been around for a very long time is reusing and mending clothes and fabrics - something that went out of fashion and is coming back due to being on trend and financial constraints.

As a small child I grew up in a darning/patchwork/repairing/homemade home.  My mum knitted our jumpers and made things we needed.  One of my favourite items of clothing ever was a furry hooded coat when I was 10 - it was made for me by mum for Christmas, and it was gorgeous.  When I grew out of it, the fabric became something else.

I make memory bears for people who have lost a loved one, using their precious clothing.  I love being part of their healing process.  I replaced a long zip for someone today, and am always open to help people rather than things being thrown out.  I'm crocheting a cushion cover using up cross-stitch threads left over from projects. And don't get me started on selling on eBay and locally!

It's so important that when we can make changes - no matter how small - that we do.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Great post. I was born into a family of 10 children in 1940. There was never a thought of throwing away anything that could possible be remade into something else. I have a crocheted rag rug that my mother made in 1945 and it is still being used in my home. I still darn socks, sew up seams and when something is beyond wearing it is cut into squares for quilts or strips for rag rugs.

  2. I agree! Even though I was an only child, my mum & dad were always short of money. However my mum used to make most of my clothes on her Singer sewing machine (which she still uses). I had some lovely crimplene dresses. Once I'd outgrown them, they were either passed onto my cousin or made into doll's clothes. I've inherited her trait for making do and mend in some aspects - my current living room curtains were from M&S originally - back in 1984. Still doing their job 37 years later - they're almost vintage!!

  3. I am all for recycling and your memory bears sound wonderful.

  4. I'm with you on reusing, mending etc. I made a tiny teddy for my friends daughter. I used my friend's late husband's silk tie. I also made a cushion from his shirts and a small lap quilt from his ties. It felt lovely to be able to make something that would bring comfort


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