Medical stuff catch up..

 OK so - here is a recent catch-up.  Feel free to skip this post!

I had an 'emergency' blood test on Thursday as my symptoms were getting worse. The results came in yesterday morning and I had the MRCP scan brought forward to today.

I am very impressed with the NHS!!

An MRCP scan is an MRI scan for just the upper abdomen - liver, pancreas, bile ducts and gall bladder. (I don't have a gall bladder.)

The speed and efficiency coupled with the level of care and compassion I had received is superb!

I am taking Oramorph on top of my usual meds..and I hope the results of this scan won't take too long to get back to me via consultant or GP.

Then we can look at a plan of action - ooh! I sound like a Government Minister- sadly most of those are twits.. :-)

In the meantime I am finishing the unicorn jumper for granddaughter and planning my next project which is a knitted pirate.

Have you had an MRCP?  What was your diagnosis and outcome?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Hope you are doing ok, Tracey. This all sounds pretty full on. Look after yourself xx


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