Our Saturdays have stayed pretty much the same since before Covid was a word in our vocabularies.

I have piano first thing, then we drive out along the coast road a couple of miles to a wee village shop which we like to use as it keeps local people in business.

We get our weekly newspaper there, Man Wonderful picks up a couple of tea cakes or buns for him to toast and we take the dog for her walk down towards the sea.  No matter the time of year there is a stunning view out over Heybrook Bay.

This is a stock photo, and was not taken today!

Today the waves looked enormous, and the wind was blowing a hoolie!  The sky was shades of pale grey and the rain wasn't too harsh so it was still a nice trot for the dog - and us!

As we walk up this little lane to the peak, before it snakes down towards the sea, there is farmland either side of the road, and wide, deep, orangey-muddy puddles where the run-off from the fields meets the path. There are grassy verges that dog likes to sniff about on, and a bench just over the brow of the hill that we sit on when it's warm and sunny.

From the brow of the hill is the view above.  

We are so lucky to live where we do - you don't need a million pounds or a flashy sports car when the sky and the earth give us so many riches.

Wherever you are today, stand on your doorstep, look up at the sky and breathe in the beauty that money can't buy.

Take care,

Tracey xx


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