A Use-it-up meal!


Yesterday I blogged about meal planning for the week.  
We don't stick to the actual meals rigidly; but I try very hard not to buy anything additional for the week.
The veg box delivery came this morning, so I took out everything from the fridge and store cupboard leftover to make a use-it-up meal.  Usually we would have 'using up stuff' for an evening meal or freeze for later use - but as the weather is mizzly I just didn't fancy a salad for lunch today. 
This was our lunch today.

Left over from our large veg box last week:
3 spuds, 2 leeks, a broccoli stem, 1/4 of a swede, a sweet potato, 3 onions and some garlic

I decided this would make a nice veg shepherd's pie.
To these ingredients I added:

2 tins of white beans, some olive oil and a veg stock cube

I started by preparing all the veg, peeling and chopping the spuds finely and microwaving the sweet potato.  Then I drained both tins of beans.

While the potato simmered, I put a little olive oil in a large pan and cooked the sliced leeks, onions, garlic, chopped swede and broccoli stem before adding the stock cube and some water.

I microwaved and mashed the sweet potato - skin as well, before adding it to the veg mix to thicken the stock.

The veg was popped into an oven-proof dish, and I mashed the beans and boiled potato together to mash mash for the top before putting the whole dish under the  grill to brown.

To the water saved from cooking the potato I added a garlic and herb stock cube and 2 tbsp flour.  I whisked this to make a lovely garlic sauce.

We ate the veg cottage pie with garlic sauce for lunch and didn't need a meal at supper time, I can tell you!!

Have you made a delicious meal recently?  What was it?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Looks lovely and warming ! Debs

  2. Las weekend I made stuffed peppers for the first time. I am an omnivore and follow a low carb diet so the stuffing was a keto based meat and cheese combination. I added lots of Italian seasoning, garlic and onion powder, a splash each of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce and then a generous squirt of tomato paste. Have to say it was delicious and really quite simple to make.


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