ANother Unpleasant Supermarket experience (ANUS) **

Today, Man Wonderful and I went to the local large supermarket to pick up some things we can't get at the little convenience store.  I haven't been in a large supermarket for months, and after today I would certainly be happy if I never went into this one again.

We had our list and as we were going shopping, we had offered to pick up anything our neighbours might need.   We parked near the store and sanitised the trolley handle.  We both had latex gloves on (it's not worth the risk) and face masks.

As we entered, we saw a couple of items straightaway, and had been asked if we would pick up an amount of fruit for a local family which we did.

As we were buying vegan cheese, a couple walked past us with their trolley.  She had on a facemask but it was on her top lip, leaving her nose completely uncovered.  His facemask was on his chin; both nose and mouth uncovered.

I know there are people who are exempt from wearing facemasks, but as they had masks on their faces I assumed they were not in this category.

On the news it urges us to be responsible people and to remind people if they do not cover their mouth and nose correctly, but it made me feel very anxious.  

I wanted to ask them to please wear their facemasks correctly as it is to protect other people - but I was actually scared what their response might be, and I did nothing.  This made me feel weak and pathetic.

In the next aisle this couple were again walking facing us.  (The large arrows on the floor and the signs saying 'one way' were clearly confusing...)

When we were within hearing distance, I asked the woman politely if she would please put her facemask on properly, and added that it was to protect everyone.  I gave her a little smile as I got to the end of my request.  

She made an unpleasant comment, but did then put her facemask over her nose.

The man, however answered me by saying it wasn't up to me what other people did, and he left his facemask resting on his chin as they walked past us, easily within 2 metres.  He called me a horrid word (the word for female dog) as they sauntered past.

Now, I'm glad I had spoken to them, but it left me shaken.

The 'old' me would have stood my ground and kindly but firmly dealt with the situation.

'This' me stood shaking in her shoes and wanted to run a mile and hide.

Why do some people have to be so unpleasant?

Not only will we avoid this supermarket from now on; I don't think I want to visit any others in the future: Covid or not.  

Too many unthinking people.

Take care,

Tracey xx

** the title is the word I was thinking when the chap was horrid to me...I kept it in my head until now when I realised today's title could form this acronym.  It has made me feel a bit better, being silly!


  1. How disappointing. I must admit that I have not had this experience everyone seems to abiding by the rules.

  2. I would love to cough as I passed them but would have to pull my mask down to do so:)
    Absolute Prat’s!

  3. I hate going in supermarkets for that very reason. I wouldn't have said anything...cowardly, but not worth the risk in my opinion. If they're the sort who don't wear masks correctly, then they're the sort who are likely to give you a mouthful back. I do however make a point of taking a large step away from people who aren't wearing their masks correctly, or invade my space by reaching across me to get something off a shelf. I hope you don't have to go again anytime soon.

  4. totally agree. We hadn't been to Aldi for months but as we had to go to the chemist near there, decided to pop in for a few bits on the way back home. People in there no masks ( a few ) Got the bits we wanted and went to the till. Two ladies in front of us,one with a mask, one without.She said she was excempt. Then, from behind a woman shouting at us, saying we had pushed in. We didn't answer. She had left her trolley about 8ft away near the bread shelves. Obviously forgotten something and gone off to look for it. She wasn't there when we joined the queue. Then she shouted and pushed her loaded up trolley and barged into my husbands back. ( he is a kidney transplant patient) Again we ignored her, even though it made him take a couple of steps forward. Another customer asked for a till to be opened to diffuse the situation. Which they did. I complained to the lady on our till, saying I won't be coming here again. All she said was that she was supposed to be at home self isolating......what ! I understand how you felt. We will stick to our little local Sainsbury's , which is on our street.

  5. Sometimes I just start coughing very loudly... I'm mean, I know.

  6. Horrible rude people! Your acronym seems entirely fitting! That experience would have left me feeling exactly as you did. My enjoyment of a much-loved local event was permanently ruined when a very unpleasant man verbally attacked us for parking in 'his' street. The fact that we were legally and very considerately parked and not even anywhere near his house seemed to go completely over his head. I have never been able to set foot in that street since. I am sending you a big hug. X

  7. You were right though ! I have stopped visiting a number of shops who don't prioritise my/everyones safety. Their loss !


  8. The amount of people who would come into the charity shop then pull down their mask when they spoke to me was incredible, let alone those as you describe. It's as though the mask is worn so they can gain access to the shop and after that who cares!

  9. I'm sorry you had this unpleasant experience. I don't speak to people who are not wearing their mask properly, but I do give them my "Death Stare". It sometimes works.


  10. Started using click and collect at Aldi. Yes, there is a fee but as I was getting near to walloping some folks around the back of the head with a tin of beans I feel it is probably for the best.


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