Well worth saving for!

While my health continues to be tricky but manageable, this week has been the week our little house has had it's updates.

Firstly a new carpet - this cost us a £50 excess as the carpet was replaced under our home insurance following an accident with a steam iron. (I have been banned from ironing in the lounge for life!)  The accident was in October, but the company were great and delayed the refit while we settled Muttley - rearranged to this week at our behest.  We chose a darker shade with a thicker underlay.  It's lush!!

Secondly, this week our NEW sofas were delivered!  We saved up tp buy new sofas in cash (we don't do credit), and had been saving since we moved in here 3 1/2 years ago.  We had second hand sofas, one cost us £30 and the other was free.  They were fine until about a year ago when one had springy issues that we couldn't fix and the other was getting more threadbare.  It is lovely to save and pay something outright.  I hate buy now/pay later.  Unless something is life or death, I wouldn't spend out of my money bubble.  


The sofas don't match (deliberately); one is lime green, the other is a dark Airforce blue.  I'm in love with them!

Well worth saving up for - I knew how much I wanted to save each month, but separated that out weekly as it felt better to see on my chart the amount growing week by week.  I drew out the chart and had boxes to colour in for each £5 saved towards the amount we wanted to spend on our sofas. 

Sofa saving:

£5 x 52 weeks x 3 years = £780

£5 x 26 weeks = £130

3 1/2 years x £5 a week = £910

We wanted to spend around £900 on two sofas, so this was an easy way for us to save up.

And I feel very spoiled this week in a lovely new carpet/new sofas lounge!

Do you save up for big purchases?

How do you do this?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I do, yes. Like you, I hate to buy now and pay later - it feels like a trap. I just pop money into an online account when I have leftovers at the end of the month and when I need something that goes over what I have that month, I dip into the savings. It's not as organised as you but it works for me.

  2. How wonderful that you are enjoying both the sofas and a new carpet, I am thrilled for you. Both my husband and I get military pensions, now that we do not have a mortgage we are able to save my pension monthly which we save for holidays/trips to visit family/maintenance of our cottage etc. We feel blessed but did work hard to be in this position.

  3. We have sofas and chairs that have loose covers. We have a pot into which we each put £2 a week and now have enough for new covers though we don't actually need them yet. It was a throwaway comment that made me turn the idea into reality, and thus a totally painless way to save extra money. It's nice to know the money is there when needed. We save separately for other big purchases.


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