Hospital Bag - an update:

 Firstly thank you for your comments on the last post: I'm fine darlings!

Also - important points about only taking essentials. Thank you for these additions. Xx

So an update on me:

Day 1- emailed GP surgery to ask for a call back next day. Inserted symptoms on internet form and was told to phone surgery straightaway.  

GP wanted me admitted to hospital. OK.  

Went to the assessment unit, had blood and wee tests, and a Covid test.  

Told to go home and return next day at 7am as no beds available. 

No problem.

Day 2 - phone call at home at 5am; don't come in as my Covid test was "a weak positive". 


I had to attend at 2pm for a second Covid test and isolate in the meantime. OK. 

Scary stuff. 

I told MW, GD and her hubby.  The six of us (includes the two grandkids) are the only people I've seen since 21st December.

They also isolated and awaited news.

Second Covid test was done, then I went home to await the results. I asked to be phoned as soon as they knew.

Midnight: this Covid test was negative - PHEW!

Day 3 (today)

I attended the assessment unit again, and had an Ultrasound scan (no I'm not pregnant - as I'm 51 and have no womb..etc., etc..) was done and I had to then wait to see the consultant.  Ok.  No worries.

I spent the day dozing on and off in an upright chair in a corner of the triage unit. I had my kindle and read my current reading book All The Light We Cannot See.  It draws you in and is the perfect book to get through what would have been a long and dull day.

At just after 4pm I saw the consultant who said I seemed to have a blocked bile duct (sounds really nice!  What should one wear to accessorise a bile duct?!!) and need to return to have a MRI scan.

In the meantime I have a morphine solution to use when the pain is pretty bad.

So Covid - nil; Bile duct - 1

And the game continues!!

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Ouch! I hope things get sorted for you asap. Take care. X


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