Needs vs Wants

Needs vs Wants - something we all think about I am sure, as we plan and balance our household budgets.

I read this blogpost:         

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and it reminded me to look and review our current want/need list.

I thought I would share it with you here.

Man Wonderful


New phone screen



A4 lined paper

Pen cartridges - or a converter and a bottle of ink


Yes, I know we could have got slippers for Christmas, but we don't 'do' telling people what we'd like as we prefer there to be no stress and little surprises. We both have slippers, but MW's have a split in the sole and mine won't manage another machine wash while still staying in one piece!

Man Wonderful dropped his mobile phone and needs a new screen fitting. We can claim on insurance, so this will cost us just the excess.

I could do with some A4 lined paper as the second year of my online degree began yesterday and I makes notes on paper; although I think I'm going to use up the notebooks I have around our pad (deliberate pun intended!).

I am on my last ink cartridge and write with my fountain pen all the time.  I'm going to work out what is going to be cheaper in the long run; cartridges or a bottle of ink - although I'd much rather not use plastic cartridges as they can't be recycled/reused.

I was gifted a box full of beauty bits and bobs for Christmas, one of which was a sample of a perfume I really like.  I'm going to do some research and see how much it costs.

The needs are: slippers, phone screen and pen ink.

The wants are: A4 paper and perfume.

We do live a simple life and are very grateful for the things we have - the needs will be purchased first, the wants will be thought about a while.  

We have a household budget and pennies for other things, and although we live below the line we like saving up for things.  We don't have credit cards or loans and prefer to live simply.

After all, when A4 lined paper is on your wish list, life is pretty good, isn't it?!

Take care,

Tracey xx


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