Hospital Bag Packing

 I'm blogging from a hospital ward tonight.

Yes, an emergency admission - no, nothing related to Coronavirus (thank goodness!).

I'm ok (well, obviously not ok, but I'm in the right place, so y'know; could be worse!) but this was not planned.

We had our new carpet laid today - that's what had been planned...but I digress. 

The blog I'm writing is a fairly simple one - what to pop in the bag to take into hospital

(I'm not having a baby, otherwise the bag woukd have wildly different contents..)


Your GP phones you and says you have to go to hospital. Now.

What do you pack?

With Covid 19 in full force, your loved ones won't be able to just drop things in to you. You have to take it all with you now..and quickly!

This is what I packed:

Overnight bag:

. Pyjamas x 2 pairs

. A long nightie

. Slippers

. Comfy dressing gown

. Socks 

. Knickers x 4

. Soft bra x 2

. Laptop and charger

. Washbag containing: toothbrush, paste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, flannels

Large hand bag:

. Phone and kindle with chargers 

. Small amount of cash

. Notebook 

. Wordsearch book

. Diary

. Headphones 

. Earplugs 

. Crochet and pattern

.  Pens, pencils, scissors 

. Prescription list and current daily meds for the week 

. Drink bottle

I think I am prepared for most eventualities with this lot!!

So far I've read my book on the kindle,  messaged MW and GD on my phone, and solved some wordsearches.

I'm in my own pj's with earplugs in and ready to sleep.

What would you take into hospital where you live?

Do you think I've forgotten anything essential?

Take care,

Tracey xx

P.S. they know what it is and I'll be fine...xx


  1. Take care. Hope things are better soon!

  2. I was relieved to read the P.S. Yopur list is very thorough, I agree.
    Take care and get well soon.

  3. Hope all is well and that you won't be there long. I would have packed the same as you with the addition of a hairbrush and lip salve.

  4. Oh my goodness Tracey, I hope you are ok! I am thinking of you, take care.

  5. Sorry to hear you are in hospital, i hope it wont be too long before you are home with MW.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you're not well but it sounds like acting fast was the right thing to do. Fingers crossed they get you fixed up and fighting fit.
    The only time I've ever been taken to hospital was because I'd fallen due to back pain, cut open my head on a radiator top and concussed myself - I felt fine but when asked to spell my name I apparently inserted about 20 extra letters! My boyfriend and I were staying with friends at the time. I should also mention that I'd passed out naked so was wearing nothing apart from some artful daubs of blood and a blanket in the ambulance. They all came to the hospital and were brilliant at keeping my spirits up while I waited for scans and to be stitched up, but their packing of my overnight bag was less than stellar. Between them they managed a baggy t-shirt with holes in it, my hairbrush and makeup bag, my walkman - remember those? - and 11 books. I was told later they'd tried to get the ambulance to wait while they chose more books...!

  7. Do hope your ok and keeping your spirits up . take care

  8. I'm a nurse who admits patients into hospital. Your list made my head spin.

    Bear in mind, every hospital is different.

    Don't bring drugs. Bring a list. We have the best pharmacy in town. We've had patient's OD on drugs "borrowed" from their roommate. You'd be surprized at what has street value.

    Electronics? Limit the number of devices you bring. Again theft is an issue.

    Cash? Leave it at home. There is nothing to buy. Our food court is only taking cards and the hospital provides your meals. Again, theft is an issue.

    We provide gowns and housecoats.

    With the fear of Covid out there, we are amazed at the amount of clothing and just "stuff" that people are bringing in. Just remember whatever you pick up bugwise in hospital goes home on your belonging. Do you real want to put a load of washing on as soon as you get home.

    Today I admitted five patients. They each brought a suitcase, multiple electronic devices. One brought an extension cord which is a huge no. No outside electronics until they have been certified by the hospital electrician. Plus the cord is a huge falls risk factor for staff an patient injury. One woman brought 7 sets of pjs and 8 pairs of panties for a two day stay.

    We have to document everything that a patient brings in. It's taking longer to record patients bits and pieces than it does to get them ready for surgery!

    1. I wonder if you’re based outside the UK.
      I am a nurse working in England and this is very different from my experience.
      If patients are on particular medications, it can be difficult to order these and get them in less than 24 hours, so we gratefully accept whatever is brought in and store it securely for that individual’s use. It is then returned to their family when no longer required.
      Re nightwear - we encourage people to wear their own clothes, there is not an unlimited supply of gowns and there is enormous pressure on hospital laundry services at present for obvious reasons. We also encourage people to wear dark clothes whenever possible (see campaign to end PJ paralysis).
      We allow patients to use their own electronics including chargers - without this policy, many people would be unable to contact their families.
      Tracey, the only things I would add to your list are a lipsalve and a sleep mask; the only thing I would remove is flannels for washing yourself. These have to be sent home to be laundered so they aren’t very practical in hospital.
      I wish you better!


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