A really yummy use-it-up supper

 Our fruit and veg is delivered weekly on a Thursday.

Consequently on Wednesdays I like to have supper that uses up veg before the new lot arrives.  
Daughter visited a warehouse a few weeks ago that sells 'gone past best before' tinned and packet goods, and came back with a large case of rice noodles for us (36 packets for £4..).  I have no issue using goods that are past 'best before' as long as they are not rotted.  With products in packets and tins, they can be safely enjoyed a long time after this date, and I use my eyes and nose for fresh produce.
So this evening I used the food processor and shredded:

4 cloves garlic
a large red onion
a broccoli stalk (the head was used on Sunday)
half a Savoy cabbage
a frozen chilli *
2 carrots
a red pepper

I stir-fried the onion, garlic, broccoli and chilli for a few minutes in a little oil.
then I added the rest of the shredded veg and continued to stir fry it.
To this I added a packet of pre-cooked rice noodles, and I added some soy sauce just before serving.

It was blooming lovely, and just what was needed on this chilly, grotty-weathered evening.
Any veg that is left over on our delivery day goes to a local lady who cooks for the soup kitchen.  

Do you have any recipes to share that could help someone else reading?

Take care,

Tracey xx

* I buy fresh chillies and put them in the freezer, and use them straight from there.


  1. I freeze fresh ginger and just break off a piece as needed and grate it into the dish while still frozen.
    I usually use veggies that need to be use dup quickly in soups - or like you, a bit of a stir fry. They might also be used in vegetarian stews or curry. I will also grab veg into other dishes - for instance, tomorrow I'm making stuffed peppers and while I will use meat, I will also add grated zucchini and maybe some carrot to the meat as a way of getting extra veggies in there.
    I also make up packages for the freezer of onions, mushrooms and peppers - a great way to use up mushrooms and peppers that are starting to go soft. I saute them with a bit of balsamic vinegar and then package them up. I use them later as a side dish with an egg or sausage or just straight onto a bit of toast as a hot breakfast or quick lunch.


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