Lockdown begins again

 We live in the UK, in the South West.

Lockdown for the whole country begins again today, and this is a good thing.  

It is, I imagine, similar to the country being at war, and I just hope everyone pulls together to defeat this bloody awful virus that is killing so many.

The grandchildren are to be homeschooled - no problem, we can do this.

The son-in-law is military and has to go into work everyday right now, awaiting details for duties to support the police and medics across the country.  

No problem, we can do this.

The daughter is teacher training and working remotely completing her university studies while also working part-time supporting the police.  

No problem, we can do this.

We are isolating and managing on what we already have.

No problem,  we can do this.

We live on a very small income and budget and must ensure not to cause any unwanted expenses.

No problem, we can do this.

We can manage and cope and support and live through this.

All of us.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Well said - wish more people had your great attitude!

  2. There is love and commitment in your words.
    I shall come back and read them again and again in the following weeks.
    "No problem, we can do is"

    Please stay safe and take Care x

  3. We can indeed, hope all is well with you and your family Tracey. Your positive attitude is so nice to see.


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