Being tight or living simply?

 Squeak, squeak, squeak.

That is either the sound of someone being tighter than a badger's butt, or the sound of their mouth 'downturning' at the thought of breathing and using up any of the earth's valuable resources.


Lighten up just a little frugal folk.

Yes, it's wonderful that you can get 14 meals out of a tin of beans, and that you have no wardrobe because you simply have no clothes except the ones on your back.

But please, don't forget to live life.

If it gives you pleasure to eat very little unless it is being thrown away by the local supermarket, then fill your boots - but additionally feel no guilt buying organic food for your meals too.

Yes, plan your meals as it avoids waste - but do feel free to swap those meals around or add in extra whatevers so you are eating well and having choice.

Personally I get a bit cheesed off with directors:

"Do what I say or you won't be doing it right!"

Living simply for us is cutting out lots of things we don't want or need. 

But we do have things we like or want.  We try to buy the cheapest where it is sensible to do so.  For example, we could buy washing powder and loo paper cheaper, or wash our clothes in cold water and wipe our bums on nettles - but we buy both branded as the powder doesn't irritate the skin; and cheap loo paper is for people who like wiping their bums with their hands...

Living simply is having a small income and a small outgoing with some savings.

We are lucky to have no debt. This means our small income covers our essentials and I can save for important things. To me, Birthdays and Christmas are really important, as is being able to buy essential things for our Grandchildren. We have one pot that gets paid into each payday, and a savings pot for big purchases (like our recent sofas). We also have an emergency fund that does not get touched (we have yet to find out what kind of emergency would necessitate dipping into this).

Living simply is having alone time, couple time and family time, with simple activities that don't cost very much - reading, watching tv, board games.

We don't belong to clubs or do activities that cost us money.  Where we live there is so much outdoor space to enjoy and the wee dog loves to walk and run.  Today we took a walk for an hour and went one route out using pavements (to help keep her nails short) then came home through woodland (and mud!).  When we both worked we would always say. 'If we had the time...' Now we do!  There are very few days when we can't find an hour to go out in the fresh air.

Living simply is not being extravagant.

We buy food we can afford but it is good food. We have a fresh veg and fruit box delivered weekly.  We could save money by buying fruit and veg from the cheapest supermarket, but our veg box is sourced from local producers (except bananas and oranges).  We are able to pay a little more for this.  We could save money by buying fresh fish from the supermarket, but we buy fish that has been caught that day.  (We do know this to be true as we are friends with the fisherman himself, and buy whatever he has in that day's haul.)  When we do buy meat, we could save money by buying value meat, or tinned meat.  Instead we buy from the local farm shop where it tells you the name of the farm the meat was raised on, and the date it was butchered. In order to afford these things, we don't buy loads. Better quality, smaller quantity.

So live as you wish, save where you want to; buy please, please enjoy the living aspect.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Agree absolutely. I hate wasted food but draw the line at making soup from potato peelings! It's about balance and doing whatever suits the individual. Some are happy to spend on top quality food whilst wearing second hand clothes, others will happily eat as cheaply as possible so that they can buy their favourite skincare products. My mantra is always long as I'm not hurting anyone else I'll do whatever suits me.

  2. BTW, we found out what constituted an emergency when our central heating boiler broke!

  3. Oh that gave me a good laugh...I assume the loo roll replacement is dead nettles not stinging nettles

  4. What a wonderful post. Live sensibly and well, still be generous with time, talent and well thought out gifts.


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