This Month's Big Shop

 I like to do a 'Big Shop' once a month.  We check what we already have, then plan a number of meals. I write a list of the items we need to buy.  

I have had a £150 budget for the month this year. This doesn't include fresh fruit or veg, as we get this weekly from the local supplier - I have done regular price checks, and they have been cheaper than the supermarkets all year.

I use the app 'Trolley' to compare prices with four supermarkets, and the generic products.

This is what we bought this month:

Bread Flour - I make our own sourdough bread that uses just flour and water

Olive spread  - the cheapest per kilo

Ketchup - shop's own brand

(Salmon fillets) - I didn't buy these this month as they are just too expensive.  We will manage without.

Orange Squash - shop's own brand

Oats - shop's own brand

Oat milk - shop's own brand

Soya milk - cheaper to buy 'soya drink'. Less creamy, but perfectly good.

Teabags - I've tried shop's own and don't like them, so stick with the brand I like.

Coffee - Man Wonderful's treat:  he loves a certain brand

Tonic water - shop's own brand

Lemonade - shop's own brand

Cheese - the cheapest per kilo

Frozen peas - shop's own brand

Quorn roast - on offer and a good price

Quorn sausages - larger bag

Quorn mince - smaller bag (cheaper per kilo)

Tinned tomatoes - shop's own brand

Tuna in oil - shop's own brand

Chick peas - shop's own brand

Stuffing mix - shop's own brand

Olive oil - shop's own brand

Stock cubes - shop's own brand:  up until this month I was using a branded stock cube, but it has shot up in price.

Black olives - shop's own brand

Peanut butter - shop's own brand

Yeast extract - shop's own brand

Mouthwash - shop's own brand

Poo bags - shop's own brand

Fairy liquid - I've tried different brands; including the shop's own brand but it is a false economy as I need to use more.  

Baking paper - shop's own brand

Foil - shop's own brand

Herbal tea - the cheapest per 100g

Peanuts ( for the Christmas box ) - shop's own brand

We are going to Click and Collect at one supermarket this morning, and then have another delivering to us later. I paid £1 for the Click and Collect service, and have free delivery. This means I have not gone to the store and 'been shopping', which saves us more than £1!!



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