Saving or Not-Spending?

 Like many folks these days, I like to read blogposts or listen to podcasts about saving.  Whether that is about budgeting or buying shops' own beans, I enjoy to find out how others are saving money; and if I could incorporate any ideas into our wee life.

One thing that grates a little is when people state they have saved an amount, then it transpires that they have actually Not Spent that amount.

(I'd just like to add here that I have just saved 

£278 pounds
by not spending money on these items.. I've also not bought a Porsche, a camel and a hammock..).

Saving is building up a stash / cache / pile / stockpile.
Not spending is not buying something and retaining what you have, isn't it?

It's only really saving when you keep your pennies and not spend them.

Have you saved anything by not-spending on something you would usually buy?

I've had a good money-saving morning as I've made my own sourdough bread.
It costs £2.40 for a sliced half-loaf in our local shop (£1.90 at Tesco).
Instead I spent the last week making and nurturing our own sourdough starter, and today baked a lovely loaf for the total cost (oven was on cooking another batch of Christmas cakes) of 60p!!
Sourdough bread only contains flour and water, and is the cheapest bread I can make for us:  my starter lives in the fridge, and I've read it can last a very long time.

By not spending on my bread I'm saving the pennies.



  1. Our sourdough starter (which was begun during the 1st lockdown) died recently, so we have been spending money on buying supermarket sourdough, which is very nice, but definitely not a cheap option. We shall have to take a leaf out of your book and get a new one up and running.


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