Inexpensive Christmas gifts

 If you celebrate Christmas, it can become an expensive activity - especially with this rise in the cost of living.  

You might feel tremendous pressure to spend more than you can afford - it's easy to believe you have to equate what you spend; with the amount you care for a person.

Giving a gift is giving a gift. That's it.

Giving your love is giving your love.

Caring is caring.

I don't know if feel more pressure from a particular age of person? (For me it's ages 13 to 18.)  

Instead of worrying how a person feels about their gift, tell them why you chose the gift; that you thought of them/that you know they collect hippos, etc.

I buy things throughout the year and put them in my Christmas cupboard. Then I sort out items into bags for life that are labelled, and enjoy wrapping up evenings in December.

Here is a list of some items * I have in my Christmas cupboard ** ready to wrap up and label.

. Jigsaw puzzles 

. Mugs I plan to put a sachet of hot chocolate and a packet of marshmallows in

. Notebooks and pens

. Cushions

. Homemade socks and gloves

. Bath smellies

. T-shirts and jumpers

. Squishy toys

. Kids games

FM xx

* some items bought new from a charity shop 

** a huge cupboard in my bedroom


  1. I am absolutely delighted that my mum has put her foot down this year and instructed everyone to restrict gift buying. She has requested pyjamas from me, and has suggested to my SiL that I might like a picture or something my nieces want to make for me, rather than spending the huge amounts she usually does. The spending was starting to get a bit daft in some areas, this low key approach is very appealing to me - not just because of the expense, more in terms of the volume of stuff.


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