It's beginning to look

 a lot like Christmas..

Oh, I do like a simple Chrimbo.

I plan a little each month, I get ready by looking out for little things reduced in price that I can put in my Christmas cupboard.

I buy a £1 saving stamp each time we go to the shop.


When it comes to decorations, I use things we've had - and added to bit-by-bit - for 20+ years.

Even when we lived in our 2-berth touring caravan we had Chrimbo decorations. Small, yes, but festive.

I love homemade items.

I have a knitted nativity set, bunting, Christmassy cushion covers, small decorations I put on and around the mantlepiece, and indoor sparkly lights that run on batteries.

Last year we bought an artificial Christmas tree, reduced in January 2021. It is about 6ft tall, and the branches can be bent around to fit particular places.

Baubles have been collected or homemade, and added to little-by-little. 

I love to see pictures in magazines or on the TV of decorated houses, BUT my house doesn't have to look like that. Ha, ha I'm not magazine-perfect either!

I love putting my tablecloth on, setting the table, lighting scented candles. 

That makes us happy.

I might try to make a gingerbread house from cardboard and decorate it with buttons and beads glued on...if I do, I'll post a picture on here.

I'm currently completing knitting a Harry Potter cardigan for granddaughter, and want to crochet a dragon as a gift.

What do you do for decorations?

FM xx


  1. Sometimes we decorate the house in December, sometimes we don't, it really depends on how I'm feeling at the time. Last year we got as far as taking the tree lights out of the box then realising we couldn't be bothered, so the tree and quite a few decorations went to the charity shop.

    This year we have a hanging branch tree, as it's off the floor I think I'll be able to cope with that for a month or so.

  2. We bring out the same decorations each year, but I also like to make one or two, if I have the time. One thing I always make is a Christmas wreath with foraged greenery. I have a wire wreath base that I reuse each year, so the wreath itself costs nothing except a bit of time. It is something I really look forward to.

  3. Years ago, when our son was a child, we used to go way over the top with decorations and lights, but now we have far fewer decs etc.
    We have a seven feet tall artificial tree which I bought from John Lewis about 25 years ago, when I went a bit mad with my Xmas decorations! I spent far too much on the tree, but as it's still as good as new, it's been great value!
    We have baubles that we've collected over the past forty years, some that were on my family's tree when I was a child, and two which belonged to my great grandmother, dating from about 1880! I'm very, very careful about how they're dealt with! We are now getting a collection of Xmas tree ornaments made by our Grandson, which are obviously hugely important to us!
    My favourite decoration is a beautiful ceramic Santa, standing about eight inches tall, which husband and I made thirty five years ago years ago, he moulded it, and I painted it. He has a shimmery green cloak, and is a very 'traditional' Santa, none of the red 'Coca Cola Company' red cloaks here!
    We used to have a lot more 'stuff' out and about, but have now given a lot to our son, and given loads to charity shops. Before we moved to our bungalow we had three artificial trees, which we'd put in our loft when we moved in here, last week we got the smaller two down and charity shopped them. Husband went back to the charity shop the next day to drop off some more stuff, and the trees had both been bought!
    Like Tracy, I make a wreath every year from a wire base and bits&bobs foraged from local woodland. I'm not artistically gifted, but have a very talented daughter in law who points me in the right direction!
    I never feel at all festive until the house is decorated, which is always done six days before Xmas day!


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