Tart's Knickers

That's my mental health .. up and down like them.  (Apologies for any offence caused by the title and first sentence - none meant.)

I've been on a roll for ages now, all has been well and I could cope with whatever life could fling at me.

However - and I don't know about you - the black dog is only ever just below the surface.

One little kick or scratch and there I am, scurrying back to my safe place; locking the door, closing the curtains and shutting the world out.

I have been like that for several years.

I write my blog, it's my own voice, my own opinions.  

I often apologise in a blogpost and say (like above, I've just realised..) it's just my own opinion.  

Folk who have known me for a long time know me as a gentle, easy-going soul.  I was a special-needs teacher my whole career. I love quirky things and being a little different.

What I don't like is being picked on, slated, bullied by people who believe they are better than other people.

This happens from the same person via my blog comments or via their vlog channel. They have known me for years, and know just how to pick on me.


I do have my own opinions and I stand by them. I love writing my blog and I'm not stopping. You can't hurt me unless I give my permission - and I don't.

(Go and take a long look at yourself in a mirror. You are an adult. Start behaving like one. Jealousy green is not a colour that suits you. Please, grow up and leave me alone.)



  1. I know who you are writing about.

    I think you should leave her comments up. Her style is very distinctive.

    I remember back in the day she chased a few good bloggers off the internet with her snarky comments. I also remember a particularly foul mouthed comment about Christmas and retailers in the lead up to the celebration.

    It might open a few eyes to those who are following her every word with almost a cultish devotion.

    Keep being you, I mean she has no problem in being her!

  2. I am a relatively new reader to your blog and I quite enjoy your musings of your daily life. I'll never understand the point of trolls. If you don't like what someone is saying on their own blog then why bother to read it let alone comment. I know what you mean about that "black dog". I call mine "blue moods" and they've been following me most of my adult life and can be debilitating for me at times. Anyway, I love your blog and I check daily for new posts. For every ugly troll out there, you have many more readers who enjoy what you write and look forward to reading your posts. Take good care. :)


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