Meal Planning

 I love reading what people plan, buy and make as meals: especially when managing a smaller budget.

Today was my food shopping plan for the next month.

I've blogged before about using the Web page Trolley to choose where to buy each item on my list.

The list is made after our meal plans for the month, and a stock check of what we already have.

Each month in 2022 so far we have spent just under £150 per month for our food.

This month, I'll admit, I was expecting the cost to rise - but the total amount (including some unusual purchases *) was ten pounds less.

* I've bought flour, sugar, treacle and dried fruit for Christmas cake baking; as well as a selection box of biscuits for cheese to put away for Christmas.

So if you like reading about meal planning and food shopping, here is our list of meals for the month:

Th 1 Veggy Chilli (veg delivery day)

F 2  Fish on Friday - Oven baked salmon

S 3  ADB - Veggy all day breakfast

Su 4 Veggy Toad in the Hole with roast and steamed veg

M 5 Quorn curry and rice

T 6 Mushroom risotto

W 7 Stir fry (to use up any veg left)

Th 8 Veggy Chilli (veg delivery day)

F 9 Fish on Friday - Fisherman's pie

S 10 Veg Bolognaise and spaghetti

Su 11 Roast and steamed veg with Quorn roast

M 12 ADB

T 13 Sticky rice with sweet chilli

W 14 Stir fry

Th 15 Veggy Chilli (veg delivery day)

F 16 HM pizza and potato wedges

S 17 Quorn Keema

Su 18 Toad in a Hole plus roasted + veg

M 19 ADB

T 20 Pesto pasta

W 21 Stir fry

Th 22 Veggy Chilli (veg delivery day)

F 23 Fish: pan fried Salmon and veg

S 24 Veg bolognaise and jacket spuds

Su 25 Family roast meal

M 26 ADB

T 27 Risotto

W 28 Stir fry

Th 29 Veggy Chilli (veg delivery day)

F 30 HM pizza and wedges

FM xx


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