Sorting out and using up

 I love cleaning.

I know, I know, but there it is.

One of my first jobs as a late teenager was as a cleaner. I decided that I'd failed my A levels, so got myself two part-time jobs in addition to my Saturday job. And one was as a cleaner - two days a week - at a large farmhouse where they ran a riding stables. 

I had a routine - each work day I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, and made the downstairs look perfect.

One day I thoroughly cleaned the downstairs, and the other was the upstairs - changing bedding, etc.

I have continued this routine in each house we've lived in. I currently clean the downstairs on Mondays and the upstairs on Fridays, and I tidy and lightly clean the lounge and kitchen each day.

Sorting out is where we look at things and decide if we really want them, or if they could go somewhere else in the house. I always have a bag for the charity shop in our car boot. 

Using up is where I use or complete a craft project or bits and pieces to make into a meal, for example. 

I like using up foody things in my plans - for example, I have dried yellow peas that need using up next month.  I'm planning pease pudding! 

I'm currently completing a patchwork quilt - I only ever hand-stitch these - in greys to add the back and quilt for the winter.

What do you have to sort out and use up?

Do you enjoy cleaning, or am I just quirky?!

FM xx


  1. I do enjoy a good cleaning session, so perhaps I am quirky too. In my opinion it is the best stress-buster ever. I used to have a good routine in place, but Covid knocked that one on the head and, due to changes in circumstances and a lot of family health issues, resulting in two deaths within the last two months, I have yet to get back on an even keel. My house is full of things that need to be moved on to new homes and we are slowly making inroads, but it is so draining, both mentally and physically.

  2. I really hate cleaning. I guess I ought to do a bit every day, but usually Mr FD and I have a blitz on our living floor every Saturday. And the rest (we have 4 floors) gets done - or not - when it looks just too yucky. Happily, neither of us are that fussed about cleanliness!


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