And THIS is why I don't like going out!

 I think I've been 'ripped off'...

Gorgeous Daughter has a stall today at a local charity festival.  This is her holiday from work, and something she really wants to do so we are childminding the minions.

She messaged me mid-morning to say that all was set-up and going well...but that she had forgotten to take her lunch, so would we be able to pop over with some grub for her?  Long story short, but it is quite a way from where we live, one grandchild not able to go to the festival and one desperate to; and there we have myself and one grandchild in a field of brightly coloured dressed and 'pridefully' chanting people...

We reach GD and find out that she doesn't have cold drinks, so I set out across the field to a caravan advertising cold drinks and snacks.

I get to the front of the queue and ask for two tins of fizzy drink and some crisps.  Sorry, no crisps.  

OK.  What snacks do you have?



OK. I buy a bar of coconut ice and two tins of fizzy drink.

I am told that is £10.


Ten English pounds.  For two 330ml cans of drink and a 10cm bar of coconut ice.

I pay, take my items and walk back across the field to my thirsty daughter.

Ten pounds!!

This is another reason I have for not going out.

FM xx


  1. £10! I may just have to go and have a little lie down after reading that!

  2. Ouch! We went to a couple of outdoor concerts recently, refreshments weren't cheap and we couldn't take anything in but a 500ml bottle of water. Thankfully there were free refill stations so we were fine after that.

  3. Thieving gits! AT least Dick Turpin wore a mask is what my Dad would say! Hope GD SIPPED it hahahah xx


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