Birthday and Christmas cards

 A frugal blogger suggests that it would be really cost-effective to not send cards to people.

I really enjoy getting a wee card or a note from people - it helps you to know people are thinking of you.


I do manage this in a frugal, cost-effective way.

I buy a box of plain white cards with envelopes and paint my own designs on each one.

It takes me half an hour at the start of each month. 

I give cards to each of my piano pupils on their birthdays as well as posting to family far afield. 

They may not be good enough to be published but I.Don't.Care.

I send them with my love and best wishes.

They are much cheaper than buying and sending a card from a shop - and I think it means more having a hand made one.

Sorry about the foot adding
detail under the table..!

Here are a couple of the cards I've made for September birthdays.  *I don't design each one - I often copy a design to paint.



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