Man Wonderful and I like to watch an American sitcom episode each morning while we eat breakfast.  It's a little habit we have got into.

We love to watch repeats of Frazier and are currently watching King of Queens. 

It prompts little discussions. 

Today, two characters won £5,000 that they had to keep secret.

This prompted us to ask each other what we'd do if we suddenly had £5,000.



Man Wonderful said we wouldn't need to save up for my winter shoes (my old ones need replacing as I've had them more than 25 years and after two repairs they are ready to go to the old winter shoe place in the sky).

I said we could get the shed roof repaired.

Ooh and fully top up the pantry.

Neither could think of anything more exciting than that!


What would you do?



  1. Good question. I'd buy an office chair, a spinny one with wheels.

  2. Just yesterday I saw an advert for duvets filled with wool. They supposedly regulate your body temperature much better than other fillings. My old duvet resembles a pancake, so I think I would invest in one of those.

    1. Tracy, The wool duvets are wonderful, they actually do work to regulate body temperature! Ours are from Devon Duvets, and I can definitely recommend them.

  3. Give half to my granddaughter in college and pay the other toward my house. I'm trying to pay extra to get my house paid off.


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