What a Great Adventure

 Man Wonderful and I (I always think that sounds super-pretentious and posh, and a bit Hyacinth Bucket..Man Wonderful and me, Me and MW..?) 

Ok. So. Me and MW went to the local garden centre today to meet up with a chum we've not seen for a couple of years. She had been through her own life crap so we hadn't shared with her all that had occurred in our own.

Chatting today we went into more detail.

We talked about the two years we spent living in a touring caravan. With me on crutches. Living on our beam ends.

Our lovely middle-class chum said, What a great adventure that must have been!

Yes, it was actually.

Winter - cold - extra socks - jumper and hat - cuppa - gloves on - fan heater in short bursts - lights or heating not both.  Working night shifts at a care home just to get enough money for electricity and food. Sleeping at GDaughters house in the day as it was warm.


Feeling safer hidden away from society. In our wee cave. Blinds drawn and sleeping bags over legs. Mugs of soup. Warm dog.

A great adventure.

One that made us so much stronger.

Take care

Tracey xx


  1. Man Wonderful and I. Not posh, just good grammar!

    Happy New Year


  2. It doesn't sound post or whatever, it just sounds right - maybe I am pretentious-posh!! :-)

    I always remember what Harry Potter said - that adventures always sound cooler than they really are - and I love that you always look on the positive side of whatever happens. Thank you for that.



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