Booster Jabs

 Usually I am all for folk living a peaceful life, making their own decisions within the parameters of the law.

But I feel VERY STRONGLY about vaccinations against Covid because this is not just affecting the person not having the booster jab - it is putting many, many people at risk.

I liken choosing to be injected with:

Driving within the speed limit.

Not carrying a weapon.

Wearing a seat belt.

Not having a dangerous dog.

Avoiding aggression in public.

Keeping children safe.

I know people have their own choice for their own lives, but if they choose to do the above they are putting others at risk.

I choose to have the booster and not to be around others who are being - in my eyes - unresponsible.

What do you think?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. With you one hundred percent on this one m'dear and the list to boot. I would like to add 'being more mindful of the environment' and 'not mentally abusing people you are supposed to love'

  2. I totally agree - I'm setting off for my booster in five minutes.


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